Our Little Secret 2

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At L Factor we film only naturally beautiful girls getting naked and experiencing the joy and satisfaction of sex as only girls can share it with other girls. At L-Factor we're all about pure lesbian sex as it actually happens between girls who are truly turned on by each other. This is the real stuff, no phony scripts or fake acting here. Our models are healthy, sexy young women whose erotic exploration of their own bodies drives them to share those insatiable moments with other girls. From a lingering, passionate kiss to the deep probing of loving fingers and tongues into their bodies' most private and sexually explosive areas, to real orgasms so intense that the girls are completely unaware of the camera... L-Factor brings you the sensual side of all-girl sex as only women can capture it. If it's passionate, beautiful and honest... it can only be L-Factor! The way lesbian sex should be.

At L Factor our Primary purpose is to capture really hot sex between lesbians who thoroughly enjoy each other .. There is nothing hotter then the passion between women who are totally into one another … Women come in all shapes and sizes here at L Factor variety is the spice of LIFE.

Länge: 19.10
Breite: 13.70
Höhe: 1.50
Gewicht: 90.00

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