Massive Toys - 5-Pack

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5-Pack Includes:

- My Gigantic Toys 6
We've got 7 Insatiable sluts that are so horny that they really only get off when they've got massive, lubed up DILDOS crammed up their aching holes! For them- nothing satisfies like long, thick plastic!

- My Gigantic Toys 7
What do you do when you find 7 girls with sex drives so strong they will do anything to get off? You give them all humongous dildos and put them in front of a camera! Now they're gonna show YOU what they do to satisfy their need to cum!

- My Gigantic Toys 8
These girls are home alone and horny! It's almost impossible to believe that these girls are shoving these humongous plastic toys inside their fresh, tight pussies and asses. Well maybe they're not so tight after this!

- My Gigantic Toys 9
This is what home alone really means! When nobody's watching, these stunning girls get really nasty and grab their biggest sex toys and give their tight little pussies a hardcore workout!

- My Gigantic Toys 10
This is one pussy party you don't want to miss. Not that you really want to miss any good pussy party but this is going to be the one you'll remember!!! 7 Girls getting off on these massive weapons of pussy destruction!!!

Länge (cm): 19.30
Breite (cm): 13.70
Höhe (cm): 7.50
Gewicht (gr): 223.00

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